Weng and Francisco's Castle

High on a hill

Aticama, Nayarit, Mexico

Hiking up the hill to the castle.

It is early in the morning, September 4th, 2009. Little Mavicita and I hiked up the hill to the castle home of Weng and Francisco Kohler. It is very damp as we trudge up the hill.

We found that the steep road has been terribly eroded by heavy rain. Also, the road is covered with jungle growth. We cannot even see the road for all of this jungle growth!
Jungle growth covered steep road.

View from the coast road.

Our hike begins on the dirt road that follows the coast. Little Mavicita took a pic from this dirt coast road for you to see.

We walk thru a cemetery with graves that are mostly made of concrete slabs. It is very mysterious in this cemetery. After the cemetery, the road up the hill begins. Dogs bark at us as we walk past their homes. But the dogs are not mean, and do not attack. Only bark, with their tales wagging.
View from bottom of hill.

It is so wet on this road!

While walking up the hill, my shoes got soaked from brushing up against the very wet jungle growth. You would not believe how wet all the growing things are here.

At the top of the hill where the castle/home is built, we had to go underneath a barbed wire fence. The gate to the home is locked tight!

The first thing we see inside the property, are the two motorhomes that Francisco has moved so very close together. We imagine that they are so close to protect from intruders. However, we do not know how intruders would even find this place, with all of this jungle growth!!
View from the gate.

Walking in the yard.

Little Mavicita and I walk thru the yard in front of the castle. We are looking for any damage from the heavy rain, but everything looks to be in good shape.

Little Mavicita stops to take a pano pic of the castle from the yard.
Castle from the yard.

Wonderful front patio!

Francisco has built a patio in front of the castle/home. This is where guests gather when Weng and Francisco have parties. The patio is built on the edge of the cliff above the Bay of Matanchen.

The view from the patio is fabulous!
Looking out kitchen window at patio.

Close-up of the castle!

Little Mavicita and I stood in the patio looking back at the castle. This castle home is so beautiful. It is like magic!

Of course Little Mavicita took a pic for you to see!
View of castle from the patio.

The rest of the story!

I bet that you want to hear from Francisco, all about how he found this wonderful piece of land so high over the Bay of Matanchen, the Pueblo of Aticama and the Pacific Ocean. How did the dream of this castle home begin? What happened next?

Tune into Francisco's blog to read the rest of the story! [link]

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