XM Satellite Radio Receiver

Brings in over 120 digital channels!

Listen to XM anywhere.

Everywhere that we travel in our RV, XM Satellite Radio brings in clear digital music, news and talk radio. We can be out in the desert where no other signals reach our broadcast radio. The XM tunes in everywhere.

Audiovox XpressR Receiver

Our XM Satellite Radio is the Audiovox XpressR Receiver. The Audiovox is small, only 4.5 inches long. The Audiovox connects to our in dash radio directly by a cable (the best way). The Audiovx also may connect to our radio by wireless to a clear channel on our FM radio or by using a cassette adaptor.

The antenna for our installation is the Terk XM4 Truck Satellite Radio Antenna. Previously we used the tiny antenna that is provided with the XM radio. However our Terk is much superior.

Terk XM4

Installation of the Audiovox was very easy. It took only about five minutes to get the Audiovox up and running.