Solar Battery Charge Controllers

Choosing the right Solar Battery Charge Controller

Solar Battery Charge Controllers make the difference!

Morningstar controllers
This story is a strong endorsement for the Morningstar TriStar battery charge controller. My RV's solar electric system has been operating since 2003. I've used two different brands of battery charge controllers before installing a Morningstar TriStar TS45 in February, 2010.

The TriStar by far, outperformed the other two controllers.

What controllers do
Solar Battery Charge Controllers prevent solar panels from overcharging the battery. When battery voltage rises to a preset maximum, where the battery is completely charged, the controller automatically reduces or stops the solar charge.

For several years I used the Blue Sky Solar Boost 50, battery charge controller. This charger used Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). An MPPT controller is very useful for charging batteries that are highly discharged. However, for batteries that are maintained at a high state of charge, the large dollar cost for MPPT controllers is not recommended.

The right controller
Choosing the right Solar Battery Charge Controller may provide the increased electric power of an additional solar panel, maybe more! For me using the Morningstar Tristarit meant going from a 60% charged battery bank to a bank that is now 100% charged.

After several years using a Solar Boost 50, my deep cycle battery bank remained undercharged. I now use and recommend MorningStar's TriStar battery charge controller with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology.

I began using the TriStar in February, 2010. In only a few weeks of charging my solar battery bank with the TriStar 45, Specific Gravity readings went from 1.225 which is a 60% fair charge level to 1.265+, a 100% full charge.

Morningstar TriStar

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