Best Job In the World!




Hi Everybody!

My name is George.

I am a Fulltime Boondocking Vagabond! And I have the...

"Best Job In The World!"

I live in a Recreational Vehicle (RV), whose name is Ms. Tioga. Everywhere that I roam, is home. I've camped in some of the most beautiful places in America, for free, mind you.

Would you like to hear about the "Best Job In The World?" Good, I thought that you would never ask!

My job is to publish a WebBlog, Blog for short. My Blog is called,,,,

"The Adventures of Tioga and George-Vagabonders Supreme!"

It is published almost every single day. It is the story of the TiogaRV Team, and tells where we go and what we do. There are tons of pictures, pics we call them, to cover our miraculous journey.

But that's not all! We have web pages attached to the Blog. These web pages cover a bunch of subjects. For example; camping, cooking, traveling and maintaining RVs. I have a World of Subjects to choose to write about.

My over riding mission is to share with you the world of boondocking and dry camping in the hope that you will try these ways of camping yourself.

Since I love to write and I love to share, almost more than anything, I am able to state that I have the.....

"Best Job In The World!"

Bye for now,


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