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Monday, July 21, 2003:
This pic shows the amazing Ms. Tioga parked at Morton High Camp. That's George reading in his camp chair, or sleeping maybe, I cannot tell from here. Probably sleeping, knowing George. Just look at that hill that the Mighty Ms. Tioga climbed !!

In the world of RVs, Ms. Tioga is the mightiest RV of them all. Her engine is the strongest, for sure. Some say that Ms. Tioga is able to climb a vertical hill. What do you think? Can she climb a vertical hill?

We all spent the day at Morton High Camp, just horsing around. We all like to horse around. George did a little maintenance, like he always does. He caulked up some of Ms. Tioga's seams and joints. Ms. Tioga has to be ready for winter when it rains again. We can't afford to have rain leaking in.

Not one single soul drove by on this dirt road all last night, and all of today. We like that, not that we would not welcome company if it drove by. But, there is so much beauty in the solitude.

All of us have talked it over, and we could be happy living here at Morton High Camp. For the summer, anyway. We might not like Washington winters and hope to be around San Diego by the time the rains start again.



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