Monday, April 20, 2009:
10AM - Breakfast Camped near Platanitos.
We have traveled 13 miles after leaving Aticama. We came to a Pacific Ocean overlook a bit north of the Pueblo de Platanitos and decided to make a Breakfast Camp!
MsTioga and Jorge near Platanitos.

4PM - Carl's Jr!
It took us a long time to get to Puerto Vallarta. Jorge took several naps. Whatta guy!

We want to pickup that package that is waiting for us at Mail Boxes, etc. However it is getting late so we decided to go to Home Depot this afternoon. However!! Jorge spotted a Carl's Jr!

And you know about Jorge and hamburgers!
Such a friendly sign!

5PM - The Home Depot.
Mr. Datastorm put up his antenna while MsTioga is parked in the Home Depot parking lot. We found where the Home Depot is located by using the "find" feature of our Garmin Nuvi GPS. Our Nuvi with the recently downloaded map of Mexico is just plain terrific! All cities that we have checked have detailed street maps. And many stores like this Home Depot are included in our Nuvi's data.

The Home Depot, as you likely understand, is a place that is a "must-see-and-shop" for guys! And many gals too!!

9:30PM - Installing a mini-blind is tough!
MsTioga has been wanting to replace her 3-Day Blinds for a long time. This brand just does not work right! Home Depot sells Bali Blinds, and we like those and bought two of them for our living/dining room.

However, they are a bear to install. Putting in the hanging brackets in tight space is a bit challenging. Adjusting the length! Double wow!

After we installed one mini-blind, it was late and we decided to look around the Home Depot neighborhood for our Nite Camp. We found a dead-end street that looked tranquil for sleeping. There is a home across the street and what appears to be a school on our side of the street.


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