Thursday, April 16, 2009:
8AM - Washing MsTioga.
This morning after we take a run up to Casa Mañana to drop off our laundry, MsTioga is going to drive into the Little River and take a bath! MsTioga has not had a bath for over a week, and needs a good washing.

In January, our now dear departed Little Mavicito produced a video of MsTioga washing in the Little River. Maybe you have not seen this video yet?

January 14, 2009
Washing MsTioga in the Little River

Note about our camera: Our present camera is Little Mavicita. We have had several cameras go to camera heaven. In our "Tioga and George Introduction" we tell about those several cameras [link].

Special blog search window.
Way up at the top of our blog, above our header pic, is a special search window. This window is titled: "SEARCH BLOG".

This "SEARCH BLOG" window is a fantastic tool, and works great! For example, if you type into this search window, "Bryce Canyon", all of our blog posts containing the words "Bryce Canyon" will be found and appear chronologically as search results.

Loving the beach!
What words can be used to reveal to you how much we on the TiogaRV Team love the Beach of Matanchen? Little Mavicita and Ms. Viola figured it out! And, they made a video for you to share our feelings of this lovely place.

Little Mavicita was sitting in our favorite stuffed chair inside MsTioga when she captured the video below. The scene is looking out of MsTioga's front window.

How we love Matanchen Beach....


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TiogaRV Team Mission
To share the vagabonding life with our fellow RVers like yourself. We hope that you will try to boondock and dry camp. We have found great joy in camping away from the RV Campground. We would like you to try our camping life style yourself. Sharing with you our Daily Adventure is our way of encouraging you to try to camp as we do.

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