Wednesday, April 08, 2009:
Great Skype call with son Joe!
My son Joe and I made plans via email to get together using a Skype to Skype call this morning. The call went great! I was even able to see Joe, because he has a video camera built into his Macintosh. Joe was not able to see me as I do not have a video camera.

Yesterday I phoned Joe's cell phone using Skype. We tried to talk for about 10 minutes. He could not hear me well. That call only cost about 30 cents. Skype to Skype however, is free! And the sound quality so far is great!

Plumbing repair on hold.
This morning I attempted to install the plumbing assembly shown in one of yesterday's blog pics. When installed, water leaked from the brass nipple's non-threaded end. Also, that nipple is just too short. Only 1-1/2" long. It is much too difficult to install because there is no room for my fingers to hold the fittings. If I had a 4" long nipple, threaded on both ends, it would be sooooooo much easier!

There is a nice Home Depot in Puerto Vallarta. MsTioga and The Team have high hopes for finding what is needed there.

MsTioga Team Expense Report!
Ms. Viola and I have just published the MsTioga Team Expense Report for March, 2009. You may view this report by clicking [link].

As you may see, The Team is in the red for March almost exactly what we saved in February. We went a little overboard during our California vacation!

Goodbye Flyboy David!
Early tomorrow morning, Flyboy David is heading north. Weng and her kids, Juana and I gathered near sundown to say goodbye.
The gang at Flyboy David's goodbye!


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