Saturday, May 27, 2006 :::
5AM - MsTioga's power steering pump.
We have been keeping an eye on MsTioga's power steering pump because something is leaking there. Yesterday we cleaned the pump and the hoses to the pump with a rag. This morning it is all oily again.

There is no doubt now, that either the pump or the pump's hoses are leaking. It is a slow leak, but it has to be repaired.

2PM - Duchesne River Camp.
We have been traveling west today, heading toward the Salt Lake City area. We have some maintenance things to do in Salt Lake. However, this is the Memorial Day weekend so we do not want to arrive during the holiday. Mr. DeLorme has been looking for a nice place to make Camp.

What do you think about this forest Camp in the pic below? We are in the Ashley National Forest, and have made our Camp next to the North Fork Duchesne River.

This is a lovely green forest.  Our Camp is at the 7,288 foot altitude. It is a bit windy, perhaps a storm is coming up?

DuchesneRiverCamp05-27-2006 Copy

Duchesne River Camp.

7PM - Evening at our Camp.
By the early evening we had several visitors, mostly coming to fish the Duchesne. A grandfather came to teach his young grand daughter the delights of fishing. Three young men with fly rods came and quickly vanished downriver. Two men came across the river on horseback.

DuchesneRiverCampHorsemen DuchesneRiverCamp7PM05-26-2006 Copy

View of Camp at evening.

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Friday, May 26, 2006 :::
6:30AM - Living forever on the road.
It is the firm belief of every Team Member, that if we are to live forever on the road, things have to be kept in great shape. An RV not maintained will be consumed, look run down and eventually will be of no use.

Every piece of equipment has to be treated with utmost care. With that thought in mind, we recently bought a Banks Transcommand for MsTioga's transmission. We have been concerned for sometime, that our transmission shifts are much too mushy, and that this would tend to wear out the clutch plates. This morning we will begin the installation of our Transcommand unit.

Last nite we replaced the carpet in our little toilet room. When we were in Vernal, Utah, a small piece of outdoor carpet was bought for this purpose.  The pic is a bit warped because we used a panorama in order for you to see more of the toilet room.  Panoramas sometimes are warped like this.

CarpetToilet05-26-2006 Copy

How does the new carpet look?

7:30AM - Vertglas report.
Yesterday evening, we put on more Vertglas in the rear of MsTioga. This morning we washed the previously Vertglassed front of MsTioga's cabover. The cabover gets the most exposure as we drive, especially from insects. Take a look at the pics of the new Vertglas and the washed cabover, OK?

Vertglas05-26-2006 001 Copy Vertglas05-26-2006 002 Copy Vertglas05-26-2006 003 Copy

How does our Vertglas look to you?

11AM - Petroglyph trail.
To the east of the campground is the location of a little trail containing wonderful petroglyphs. The trail is short, but steep. When we got to the top, Little Mavicito took a pic of MsTioga, who as usual, waited patiently for us to return.

PetroglyphsLow05-26-2006 PetroglyphsHigh05-26-2006 PetroglyphsMsTiogaView05-26-2006

Two petroglyphs rocks. High view of MsTioga from the trail.

12 Noon – Josie Bassett Morris.
A mile or so further east of the petroglyphs is the Josie Morris Homestead.  Josie Morris was born in Arkansas in the 1870s, and lived in the Dinosaur area canyon 1914-1964. She settled at Cub Creek and built the cabin shown in the pics below. Josie grew or raised nearly everything she needed to live. Cattle, pigs, chickens, feed for the stock and a variety of fruits and vegetables.  A spring fed creek runs near the cabin.

Josie was married, perhaps three times.  She had grandchildren who often came to live at her ranch in the summertimes. During her last year at the ranch, Josie died from complications of a broken hip from a horse accident. She was in her 90s.

JosieMorrisHomestead05-26-2006 002 Copy JosieMorrisHomestead05-26-2006 004 Copy JosieMorrisHomestead05-26-2006 003 Copy JosieMorrisHomestead05-26-2006 006 Copy

Josie Bassett Morris Homestead - Cub Creek.

1:30PM - Returned to the shade of the campground.
We had intended to explore the rest of the Dinosaur Monument this afternoon. But the temperature reached to 100°F. You know that George is a California weather wimp, and melts at this high temperature!

Luckily, we were able to find a nice campsite that has shade in Green River Campground.  Mr. Datastorm is able to find his space station uplink. Even Mr. Sunny's solar panels see the sunshine!

Campsite05-26-2006 Copy

Campsite #91 at Green River Campground.

11:30PM - Down to 82°F inside MsTioga.
Early this evening, a little after 8PM, the temperature inside MsTioga came down to 98°F. Slowly, it got cooler. Now it is 11:30PM and the temp is at 82°F.

The weather prediction for tomorrow is for a high of 79°F and cloudy skies. Thank God!

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Thursday, May 25, 2006 :::
6:30AM - Dinosaur Camp Morning.
It is a gorgeous day at our Camp in Dinosaur National Monument. The hills reflected in the Green River look like sand dunes in a desert.

DinosaurCampMorning05-25-2006 Copy

9AM - Dinosaur Wall.
The main exhibit at Dinosaur National Monument is a wall containing fossilized dinosaur bones. Millions of years ago, this wall was the bottom of a sea. Thru the ages, the sea bottom was covered with sand and buried very deep. Later, the sea bottom began to rise until it broke the surface and was visible again. Evidence of this fossilization was discovered in 1909.


DinosaurQuarry05-25-2006 Copy DinosaurQuarryWall05-25-2006 Copy DinosaurQuarry05-25-2006 001 Copy

The building with the exhibit, the Wall and a friendly looking dinosaur.

10:30AM - Green River Campground.
The Team has made its Camp in the Green River Campground at Site #90. Time for breakfast!

4PM - Preventive maintenance time.
Wow! MsTioga has been getting a whole lot of attention lately. This afternoon we knocked off a several things from MsTioga's maintenance list.

One of the things that we are really proud of, is replacing the PCV Valve. Using our Chilton Ford Manual, we located this valve and replaced it with a new one. That was soooooo neat!

DinosaurCampgroundRest05-25-2006 Copy

George resting after doing the maintenance things.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006 :::
7:30AM - A fine morning in Roosevelt, Utah.
MsTioga is ready, and the The Team is ready too! Ready for MsTioga to be back in fine shape today!

RooseveltMorning05-24-2006 001 Copy

The Team at Jubal's.

10:30AM - Timing chain cover.
MsTioga decided that since her old timing chain was right there, might as well replace it. So that is what we did. One less thing to worry about, right?

In order to replace the timing chain cover, all of the old gasket material must be removed. A hard job! Everything seems to be going fine this morning.

TimingChainCover05-24-2006 002 Copy

Coming right along with a new timing chain.

4PM - MsTioga's repairs are complete!
MsTioga's engine is completely repaired, and as you may see from the pic below, all reassembled! It is a shame that all of these repairs had to be made as a result of another mechanic not properly tightening the bolts which secure our waterpump. MsTioga says, "Well, this happens sometimes."

We are now heading east toward the City of Vernal, Utah.

JubalCompletes05-24-2006 Copy

MsTioga's powerful engine, completely repaired.

5:30PM - Vernal, Utah.
We are Afternoon Camped in the City of Vernal. Our plan is to spend the nite here. In the morning, we will look for adventure in Dinosaur National Monument. That should be exciting!

8:15PM - On the road to Dinosaur.
We had a Team Meeting after supper, and it was decided to make a break for a wild place to spend the nite.

We have made our Nite Camp on the road to Dinosaur National Monument. MsTioga spotted a construction area with no vehicles, and we pulled over and made a fantastic Nite Camp.  Guess what is right alongside? It is the mighty Green River! Really!

We know that it is a miracle that we find soooooo many free wonderful camps, such as this one along the mighty Green River. What can we tell you?! The Team is very, very lucky. And maybe blessed too!

DinosaurGreenRiver05-24-2006 Copy

The Green River flows beside our Nite Camp.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006 :::
5:30AM - MsTioga talks to her reader/friends.
Dear Reader/friends,
When I go to a mechanic, I always ask for a recommendation from a local resident. Sometimes I have been very fortunate and find a really great mechanic. Sometimes I have not been so fortunate, and have received poor service. And every so often, I have gone to a dishonest mechanic.

As an optimistic RV, I have to trust that the mechanic that works on me will be capable and do a really good job.

This morning I will be going to Jubal, a mechanic here in the Town of Roosevelt, Utah. Jubal was recommended by a diesel mechanic here in town. I have two repair problems that are urgent that Jubal will be working on. One is a leak in my engine cooling system which just started yesterday morning. The other is a leak in my power steering system which showed up within the last few weeks.

I also have nine preventive maintenance items that need attention. Everything from inspecting and repacking my front wheel bearings to replacing my fuel filter.

10AM - MsTioga reports on her repairs.
Hi Everybody!
Well my power steering leak turned out to be only a loose fitting into the steering gear box. Clarence the mechanic tightened that up with no problem.

However, the engine coolant leak is a lot bigger job to repair. It appears that the gasket between the timing chain housing and the engine block is leaking. In order to replace this gasket, the following parts need to be removed:

  • Timing chain housing.
  • Water pump.
  • Radiator.

  • Since all of these same parts would need to be pulled in order to replace the timing chain, it is probably a good idea to replace the timing chain at this time. Also, the water pump that was replaced only last October does not look to be in good condition and will be replaced as well.

    Jubal who is the owner of the shop, estimates that all of the above parts will be pulled out this afternoon, and tomorrow this job will be completed. All of the replacement parts have been ordered and will be delivered tomorrow morning.

    Jubal will have me pushed out into the parking lot for the nite.  I will be able to let you know what happened during this afternoon as soon as I am back in the parking lot again, OK?

    Jubals05-23-2006 Copy

    Jubal’s Automotive in Roosevelt, Utah.

    5PM - MsTioga is in good hands.
    Hi Everybody! This is MsTioga with a report on what happened this afternoon.

    I am soooooo very happy, because the mechanics at Jubal's are treating really good. This afternoon, Doyle the mechanic who is doing my repair work removed my radiator, water pump, fly wheel and a bunch of other stuff too.

    It turns out that only one of the bolts that held the water pump to the timing chain housing was tight. The other bolts were all loose! Very loose. I feel lucky that my engine coolant did not drain out when I was in the middle of some wild place. Wow!

    Below is a pic of Doyle removing my water pump. The other pic is (from the right) Jubal, Doyle and Clarence.

    JubalDoyle05-23-2006 JubalDoyleClarence05-23-2006

    The Jubal Guys.

    8PM - The latest on the Vertglas experiment.
    This afternoon I applied Vertglas on the rest of MsTioga's cabover. I have to admit to you that the cabover is now absolutely gorgeous.

    I have found a website whose authors claim to have done a test of three brands of acrylic finishes. Apparently, Vertglas is an acyllic. Here is a link to that website:
    Do It Yourself Online - The Marine Maintenance Magazine

    Vertglas05-23-2006 002 Copy

    MsTioga's cabover, completely finished with Vertglas.

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    Monday, May 22, 2006 :::
    4AM - Early morning rain.
    The sound of rain on MsTioga's roof is a sound that I love. I've always loved the sound of rain while camping. Years ago when I camped in a tent, the sound of rain while I was warm in my sleeping bag was just wonderful.

    The sound of rain drops this morning got me to thinking again how I feel my vagabonding life. How everyplace that I Camp is home. And, how fortunate I am to have found this happiness. It was not always this way, you know. Before I found my destiny, things were quite different.

    Would you like to read about what changed everything for me? Hmmmmm?
    Therapy For The Bored Fulltimer

    9AM - MsTioga's power steering.
    The Team is in the Town of Rooselvelt, Utah.  We may have found a mechanic to work on MsTioga's power steering. Do you remember that we told you a few days ago about the power steering starting to leak?  We have an appointment with Jubal the mechanic tomorrow at 8:30AM.

    In the meantime, there are several maintenance things that we are able to do ourselves. Since we are underneath MsTioga a lot, we are going to buy a creeper to make it easier to move around.

    10:30AM - Our new creeper.
    Our new creeper is so neat. We have ruined several T-shirts crawling around underneath MsTioga. Using a creeper is the way to go.

    While we were shopping for the creeper, we spotted an engine coolant leak. We don't know where the leak is coming from yet. MsTioga's entire cooling system was replaced only last October. After breakfast, we will creep around and try to find the leak.

    Creeper05-22-2006 Copy

    George's creeper.

    5PM - Hurricane attacks MsTioga.
    It has been a bit stormy this afternoon. Showers and dark skies. A few lightning strikes nearby. Suddenly a baby hurricane attacked MsTioga. Nobody on The Team had ever experienced one of these winds. Tumbleweeds whirled about and flew up in the air, many of them striking the bewildered MsTioga. Wow!!

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    Sunday, May 21, 2006 :::
    6:15AM - Cleaning.
    We have plans to clean MsTioga in preparation for making the rest of the cabover shiny with Vertglas. But first, we have to look at the sun coming up thru the morning clouds.

    Sunrise05-21-2006 Copy

    7:30AM - Breaking Camp.
    We have decided to leave our Camp and head toward the Town of Price to do some shopping.  We are also keeping an eye open for a mechanic to fix MsTioga’s power steering leak that we told you about a few days ago. 

    9AM - Wal*Mart in Price, Utah.
    Nobody on The Team had seen a Wal*Mart for weeks and weeks! And this one in Price, Utah is a superstore with a grocery. We are helpless and must shop at this Wal*Mart!

    11AM - Out from the desert.
    We are headed north toward Dinosaur National Monument. As MsTioga climbed into the mountains we found ourselves out of the desert.  We are in a nice  forest. We passed by small rivers and creeks.

    We made a Camp in what we thought was the Ashley National Forest. But when Mr. DeLorme looked around, he found that this Camp is still south of the Forest. If this is private land (it is not posted), we may have to move. But for now, we are loving this place with its lovely forest of Aspen, Juniper and Pine trees.  And the sound of nearby Willow Creek is wonderful.

    WillowCamp05-21-2006 Copy

    We can hear Willow Creek flowing.

    2PM - Vertglas Day #3.
    We continued to be amazed by Vertglas. Not only does it seem to put a wonderful gloss on MsTioga's fiberglass, it appears to shine her vinyl striping as well. Even MsTioga's rear view mirrors! Is this Vertglas a bit too good to be true?

    That's what Mr. Chips, the wisest member of the Team is warning. Mr. Chips says to let MsTioga and George be the guinea pigs in this Vertglas experiment. We will finish putting Vertglas on MsTioga's cabover, and then travel around and see what happens.

    In the pics below of MsTioga's cabover, do you see where the Vertglas stopped being applied? A couple of feet from the side is as far as we went today.

    Vertglas05-21-2006 003 Copy Vertglas05-21-2006 005 Copy Vertglas05-21-2006 001 Copy

    Is Vertglas too good to be true?

    7PM - View from our supper table.
    One of the magnificent things about boondocking is the wonderful views that we often see while eating. This evening, looking out MsTioga's window from our supper table, there was one of those views.

    The lovely forest with the contrasting colors. The new light green leaves of the Aspen trees against the darker Juniper and Pine. Wow!

    WindowView05-21-2006 011 Copy

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    To share the vagabonding life with our fellow RVers like yourself. We hope that you will try to boondock and dry camp. We have found great joy in camping away from the RV Campground. We would like you to try our camping life style yourself. Sharing with you our Daily Adventure is our way of encouraging you to try to camp as we do.

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