Saturday, October 14, 2006 :::
7AM - Port Hueneme Dawn.
Just before we headed out from our Nite Camp, we performed some maintenance on MsTioga. It was time for a check of MsTioga's lites, and we found that her right rear tail lite was burned out. We carry a bunch of lites onboard, and quickly replaced that bulb.

Little Mavicito took the pic below of the dawn over Port Hueneme because he liked the red sky and dark clouds.


Dawn sky over Port Hueneme.

8:30AM - Entering Los Angeles County.
We passed a sign that read, Los Angeles County. Did you know that Los Angeles has the largest population of any county in the USA? 10 million people live here!!


View of the Pacific Coast just inside the Los Angeles County border.

10:15AM - Morning Camped in the City of Los Angeles.
We drove into the City of Santa Monica, figuring on making a Day Camp near the coast. Wow! We found no place to park!! There are meters everywhere, and MsTioga takes up two meters worth of space. There are a zillion cars parked here and when we found a free space, the sign read Permit Required.

So, we drove east and entered the City of Los Angeles. MsTioga is Morning Camped in an apartment neighborhood. No permit needed, and no parking meters here.

11:30AM - Adventure Los Angeles.
Traveling across the City of Los Angeles is an adventure like no other that we have been. It is a journey thru foreign countries. From our Morning Camp, we traveled first thru wealthy neighborhoods of the United States. As we proceeded east, we came upon Thailand, Korea, Cambodia. Approaching Downtown Los Angeles, we were in China.

The most dramatic country change occurred after crossing the Los Angeles River. We arrived in Mexico. It is not “like” Mexico here. This is Mexico. And, it has got to be one of the largest Mexican cities on the planet.

Little Mavicito would have loved to go out and take pics of all these countries for you to see.  But that was not possible. There is no place to park!

2PM - Afternoon Camped in East Los Angeles.
We headed toward East Los Angeles for a reason. We figured that we would be able to park in East Los Angeles. And guess what?! We found a place to park with no meters, and no Permit Only parking signs.

Around the corner from our Camp, we found the Resendez Bakery. This bakery is exactly like those in Mexico. Even the prices are similar to Mexico. We paid $1.20US for the three things below.

EastLosAngelesBakery10-14-2006 EastLosAngelesBakeryA10-14-2006

Resendez Bakery near our Afternoon Camp.

Across the street from the Resendez Bakery are the stores in the pics below. Is this Mexico? Or what?

EastLosAngelesStoreA10-14-2006 EastLosAngelesStoreB10-14-2006

Stores in East L.A.

5PM - Reader Jay knocks on MsTioga's door.
We were very happy to meet Jay, who has been reading our blog for a long time. We had a real nice talk inside MsTioga, and then took a ride around the area in Jay’s car, visiting the neighborhood where Old George grew up. What a great time!

Jay10-14-2006 001

Reader Jay.

9PM - Nite Camped at our Afternoon Camp.
The Team does not usually make a Nite Camp where we have camped during the day. However, this neighborhood is very laid back, and nobody has paid any attention to MsTioga. So, we are staying the nite.

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Friday, October 13, 2006 :::
5AM - A small rainstorm.
We woke up to the sound of rain drops falling on MsTioga's roof. We have always loved the sound of rain. Old George stayed tucked in his warm bed, listening to the rain and thinking about how lucky he is to be living inside the wonderful MsTioga.

6AM - Moved our Camp.
As is our custom when staying in a town, we do not want to bother our neighbors by remaining in a Camp during the morning. So, we moved our Camp a few miles to a commercial neighborhood.

8AM - Exploring Ventura's foothills.
Our Mr. DeLorme spotted roads going up into the hills off of Ventura's Foothill Boulevard. So, we went to explore. However, we soon found that the imaginative Mr. DeLorme (our GPS) made up these roads, which did not exist at all. Hmmmmm?

9:30AM - Beach at Oxnard.
We decided to head south, and have found a nice Day Camp along the beach in the City of Oxnard. The sand of the beach is right outside MsTioga's door.

The sky has cleared. It is not very sunny. However, there are patches of blue sky here and there.


MsTioga and George at the beach in the City of Oxnard.

12 Noon - Michel the photographer.
Do you recall my friend, Michel? We first met Michel a couple of years ago when we Camped on the Gonzalez Rancho near Cabo San Lucas.

Michel has been working on a photo project. Just this morning I received email from Michel about his new website for the photo project. I believe that this website is fantastic, and would like to share it with you! Take a peek, OK?
The most beautiful people in the world.

2:30PM - Seabee Museum.
Reader Harry emailed suggesting we go to the Seabee Museum which is located on the Navy base here in the City of Oxnard. Reader Harry was a Navy Seabee almost a half century ago.

The Navy Seabees are fighting engineers who construct bridges, airfields, docks and anything else that needs to be built. We enjoyed our visit to the museum. The pic below shows the insignia of a Seabee construction batallion.


Seabees - Navy engineers and builders.

5PM - Nite Camped with the big rigs in Oxnard.
When MsTioga spots a place where big rigs are parked, she has found that she may Camp and be safe. First we check if the trucks have their engines running because The Team likes it quiet when we sleep.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006 :::
7AM - Camping in Carpinteria.
Looking at the “No Camping” signs in the Town of Carpinteria, you may feel that it is difficult to Dry Camp overnite here. However, there are places where we have made a Camp several times with no problems.

If you look at our Mapquest Anchor Link for yesterday, a map will come up showing our exact Nite Camp location.

4PM - Nite Camped in the City of Ventura.
The Team's goal now, is to move slowly down the coast of California. Exploring a little. And heading toward Mexico. We are not in a hurry. Just want to keep rolling along.

Our Nite Camp in Ventura is in a commercial/industrial neighborhood. There are lots of stores around here.  Little Mavicito wants to go for a walk to see them.


MsTioga and George in the City of Ventura.

7:30PM - Scott and Brian come to call.
We heard a knock on MsTioga's door. Readers Scott and Brian came to call on The Team! Both Scott and Brian have trailers and look forward to retiring in a few years to go fulltime! 


Scott and Brian.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006 :::
6AM - Leaving Santa Barbara.
Later this morning, MsTioga and The Team will be leaving the City of Santa Barbara and Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley's home. Who knows what adventure we will find along the way?

12 Noon - Afternoon Camped in the Town of Carpinteria.
Just off Highway #101 at the south end of the Town of Carpinteria, is a park and playing field. We have made an Afternoon Camp here.

Did you know that Highway #101 is also called El Camino Real (The King's Highway)? California's 21 Spanish missions were founded along this road.


MsTioga and George look over our Camp near the ocean.

6:30PM - Tim and Danielle come to say, “Hi.”
MsTioga and The Team were very happy to meet readers Tim and Danielle. We all spent a wonderful evening talking together about RVing stuff!


Tim and Danielle.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006 :::
8AM - Is MsTioga recently painted?
Uncle Seymour wondered about how good MsTioga looked.  He asked, “Did you recently paint MsTioga?” Of course this is a wonderful compliment.

We have found the more often that we wash MsTioga's exterior, the better she looks. MsTioga has never been repainted.


Keeping MsTioga clean is a fun job.

11AM - Little Mavicito visits the world of Nanotechnology!
Uncle Seymour has a cousin named Nadav, who is a physicist doing research in nanotechnology. Uncle Seymour took George and Little Mavicito to visit Nadav where he works for the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Nadav's project is to work on the development of a super-computer using extremely small integrated circuits. These integrated circuits are placed in a very cold environment of almost absolute zero degrees. In this environment, the computer operates at blindingly fast speeds. The goal is to be able to solve mathematical problems in seconds that may take today's computers years to solve.

Nadav gave us a tour of the facility. Much of this work is done in a cleanroom, where the material for the integrated circuits is prepared. There are a series of windows looking into the cleanroom. In the first pic below, Nadav stands before a cleanroom window explaining to Seymour what is going on inside.

In the center pic, Nadav describes an assembly module, in which the integrated circuits are fastened into a usable and easily handled component. The right pic is where the circuits are connected to terminals using a high power microscope.

NadavA10-10-2006 NadavC10-10-2006 NadavD10-10-2006

In the left pic below, Nadav shows Seymour the super cold refrigerator which brings the assembled microchip down to a temperature of almost -273 degrees on the Kelvin scale. The microchip is tested in this cold envirnment. And the last pic is a quotation made by Albert Einstein (click to enlarge).

NadavB10-10-2006 NadavE10-10-2006

This trip into the world of tiny scientific research is quite different than The Team's usual journey. But fascinating, don't you think?

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Monday, October 09, 2006 :::
6:15AM - Heading to Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley's home.
We left our City of Lompoc Nite Camp and headed toward Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley's home in Santa Barbara. We traveled along one-lane Highway #1 until it turned into the Highway #101 Freeway, which runs along the coast. The traffic is lite, and MsTioga cruised along at 50mph.

7:45AM - MsTioga is Camped at Seymour and Shirley's home.
We are nicely Camped, and Mr. Datastorm found his space station, even thru the trees. It is a bit foggy, but we will plug into electric power while here. Aunt Shirley made a nice breakfast with scrambled eggs, sausage and a very interesting kind of flat bread.


Shirley10-09-2006 Seymour10-09-2006

Camped at Seymour and Shirley's home.

5PM - Wonderful day visiting.
I spent a wonderful day visiting. Talking over things and looking at old photos of the family. Very good time.

Then being treated out for supper at the Santa Barbara Fish House, where I enjoyed a big salmon steak! Wow!

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Sunday, October 08, 2006 :::
7:00AM - Sounds of the morning.
Inside MsTioga there are certain sounds when morning comes. Near sunrise when energy reaches Mr. Sunny's solar panels, the Solar Boost battery charge controller closes its electric switch with an easy to hear click. Old George often hears this click even when he is sleeping.

The sound of Mr. Datastorm rising, different gears having their own special whine. Mr. Datastorm has three gear reducers for his axis movement, the final one droning on until what is called “the first heartbeat message” is received. Then the sounds of movement become short clips, as the antenna zeroes in on the space station 22,000 miles away in outer space. And then Mr. Datastorm is silent. He is connected and online.

9AM - Ron's Nursery in Grover Beach.
Reader Barbara sent an email suggesting we visit Ron's Nursery. So we went. Little Mavicito is looking for pumpkin pics for the Halloween season, and he found a few.

PumpkinsA10-08-2006 PumpkinsB10-08-2006 PumpkinsD10-08-2006

Pumpkin pics.

11:30AM - We are in the City of Lompoc.
We have made a Day Camp in the City of Lompoc. Old George spotted a Chinese restaurant with a buffet, and wants to go over there. Wow! George loves Chinese food.

2:30PM - Helping with a stuck truck.
We are washing MsTioga. Making here spiffy for our visit to Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley's home tomorrow in Santa Barbara. MsTioga does not want to arrive looking muddy and unclean!

While we were washing, a family came up pushing a truck. The engine must have been having ignition problems, and soon the battery went bad. Mr. Sunny offered the family to use our battery charger, powered by his enormous battery bank. The husband accepted, and then went off to an auto parts store to buy a module that was bad. Soon he returned, and with the battery charged and the part replaced, the engine started right up.

This family comes from the State of Zacatecas, about in the center of mainland Mexico. They were speaking Spanish to each other. George was delighted to be able to understand their conversation pretty well!

5PM - Nite Camped in Lompoc.
We found our Nite Camp in an industrial section of Lompoc, close to the Home Depot. This site is far enough from Highway #1, and it will probably be quiet here for sleeping.

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