Compass Bookmark Manager

Never forget anything!
Easy to use


I have a terrible memory. I remember that I saw something on the web, but cannot remember where I saw it. Compass bookmark software allows me to easily set up tons of categories, sub-categories and even memory aids. I am able to find what I want in an instant!

Memory Aid feature.

A mnemonic or memory aid is very useful. For example when I setup the category "Communication" I put into the memory aid section the word "wireless". When I search for "wireless" the "Communication" category will turn up in the search results.


Screen shot of Compass.


Free download.

You may download and try the Compass Bookmark Manager for free. Are you interested? Take a peek, OK?

Tioga Team and Compass.

We receive no commission if you buy Compass. We just love this program and wanted to share it with you.