Secrets of the Joys of Boondocking!

Boondocking in wild places is absolutely wonderful!

Boondocking free is the best!

Boondocking is easy to do. Why don't more RVers boondock?

Which would you rather do? Pay for your campsite in an RV Campground OR camp free in a wild place away from rules and one-way signs. And perhaps near some gorgeous river? We bet you answered, camp free.

Many RVers have a fear of not being able to find a place to be boondocking free. This worry ruins their day. That is likely why many RVers quit looking for a free camping place, and check into an RV campground. We want to share with you our experience about boondocking and dry camping.

George at the Smith River in Northwestern California.

Since February, 2003, The TiogaRV Team has been camping out in the wilds and dry camping in cities and towns in the far western states of California, Idaho, Oregon and Washingtion. We do not worry about finding our Nite Camp anymore, because we have learned that there always is a free Nite Camp to be found!

George at Squaw Creek near Sisters, Oregon.

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Day Camping is a completely different thing than camping at Nite. It took me quite awhile to grasp the subtle difference. Fortunately for the RVer, this difference turns out to be a remarkable opportunity to have the time of our lives for next to nothing!

Once you understand that you do NOT have to make Nite Camp in a prime place, you will perceive all of the tremendous opportunities available to you in your RV home during the day and evening. "Day Camping Information" explains these differences, and how to make the most of them.

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