Have you been to McArthur Burney Falls?

Wonderful campground, great fishing!

Northeastern California

When I first saw McArthur Burney Falls, all I could say was, "Wow!" These falls are sooooo beautiful.

The Burney Falls Campground is only a few hundred yards from the waterfall. Below you will find a link for a map of this campground. When you bring the map up, click on it to make it big. I have circled some of the campsites that looked the best to me. Don't select the campsites in the circled area with the "Big X". I think that this is a group campsite. I believe that when you make reservations for this campground, you must make a campsite selection. So this map might be very handy. Perhaps you should print out a copy for yourself?

Would you believe that nearly all of the water that flows over these falls, comes from a giant springs above the falls?

George at Burney Falls sign near campground.


California State Parks-Burney Falls

Burney Falls Campground Map
Click on map to enlarge. You will need this map in order to pick out the campsite that you want in Burney Falls Campground.