Storage Bay SlideOuts For Your RV

Full extension slideout drawers make RVing life so much easier!

Building & installing your own outside slide out drawers.

Many of the newer RVs, come equipped with outside slideout drawers and shelves. What about older RVs? Their owners could really benefit from having these slideouts too. You can buy these slideouts, for a cost of $400 to $800 or more, or you may want to build custom slideout drawers for your RV for perhaps as little as $50.

If you are handy with tools, building and installing slideout drawers might be for you. There are really only two major assemblies. The base which supports the drawer has a right and left side to which is secured the full extension slides. The slideout drawer is the other major assembly, and is only a box.

The drawer is dimensioned so that it will move in and out easily on the slides. Instructions detailing how the drawer and base should be dimensioned and installed should be included with the slides. I prefer Accuride full extension slides. When you buy these slides, tell the store the approximate weight that will be contained in your drawer so that they will sell you the proper slide.

George looks for something in one of his full extension slideout drawers.

Close up view showing contents of deep slide out drawer.

Our large slideout drawer is just wonderful!

If you have any questions about how to build these slideout drawers, email George, OK?