Ms. Tioga's Supper Secrets!




Hello Everybody!

This is Ms. Tioga. I am so pleased to meet you! Today I want to talk about preparation. This is such an important thing, because when you go to make supper, it should not take more than 20 minutes. Does that sound too quick? Hmmmm? It isn't! Here is what I do.

One of my favorite foods is the Red Rose potato. I boil a few of them so that the end of a sharp knife goes in only 1/2". If the knife goes in more than 1/2", the potato might be too soft when you serve it, and it will me mushy and fall apart. No good! I keep these prepared potatoes in the fridge.

When I am making supper, I dice the potato up in large chunks, and fry them in very light oil with garlic salt. Be generous with the garlic salt, because a lot of its flavor gets cooked away. Along with the potatoes. I love thick slices of fried zucchini and yellow squash.

Large chunks and slices are important! If the chunk or slice of your vegetable is too small, the cooked vegetable will be mushy. You want it to be "al dente." Your potatoes are done when they are at least a little brown. The squash should just start to turn brown.

Bye for now,
Ms. Tioga


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