Salmon Patties - Anne Lehrer's Recipe




Hi Everybody!

This recipe was given to George many years ago by his Mom. It was one of her favorites. She always asked for a ton of grilled onions on top! I love you, Mommy!

Place a cast iron skillet on your stove. Preheat on a low flame.

4 eggs
1/2 cup bread crumbs [MsTioga uses Progresso Italian Style]
1 small red onion diced [1/2 large onion]
1 can, 14.75 Oz. Pink Salmon
Garlic salt and table salt to taste
In a medium size bowl,

Beat eggs lightly eggs with a fork. Add onions and mix with a fork. Add bread crumbs, mix with fork.

Drain liquid from pink salmon and add to the egg mixture. Mix well with a fork. Season to your taste. MsTioga uses (1) tablespoon garlic salt and (1) teaspoon table salt. MsTioga likes it a little on the salty side.

Pour cooking oil into your pan so that it covers the bottom. Place a large forkful of the salmon mixture into a well heated pan. Pat down the patty and shape it round with your fork. The patty should be about 4" round, if not, add a little more patty mixture. Bring in the sides of the patty with your fork at the same time shaping it round.

Fry for 3 minutes on each side. Patty should be brown to dark brown.

Bye for now,
Ms. Tioga


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