Fried Chicken by Ms. Tioga!




Hi everybody! I'm Ms. Tioga!

This morning we are going to take a peek at our "Fried Chicken!"

We make fried chicken as we prepare a meal, because we like fresh fried chicken. Many fried chicken recipes call for an egg dip, in order to make the breading stick to the chicken. We feel that using an egg to make a dip for only one chicken breast, is a waste of a good egg!

We make our breading mixture in plastic bag, and store the breading in its plastic bag to keep the mixture fresh. Our breading mixture consists of 2-3 cups of flour, seasoned with garlic salt and regular salt. We add these two salts, and taste the breading mix. We find that we are pretty much able to tell by tasting the breading mix, when the proper seasoning amount has been added.

The chicken to be fried is washed in the sink, and the water is allowed to drip off. The wet chicken is then placed in the breading mixture bag, and the bag is shaken to coat the chicken with the breading.

The chicken is then removed from the bag, and placed in a pan with hot oil. The oil does not have to be very deep, just enough so that the chicken is sitting in oil. Legs will have to be rotated four times to fry all over. Sometimes thick breasts have to be fried on the edges to make sure that the chicken is properly cooked. When frying an edge, the chicken leans against the pan's side to stay upright.

We find that our breading sticks just fine to our chicken, when fried in this manner. No egg dip required. By the way, we love to bread salmon with this same breading mix, and it tastes soooooo great!

That's about all for "Fried Chicken!" everybody!

Until we meet again....

Bye for now,
Ms. Tioga


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