We Love Breakfasts!



  Hello Everybody!

I am Ms. Tioga! I love to make breakfasts because they are fun to make, fast and so easy!

We use sausage, ham or bacon for breakfast meats. We love Polish sausage for breakfast. Yummm that is good stuff. When we bring the breakfast meat home, we freeze all but a few days supply. We found that if we did not freeze these breakfast meats, they soon spoiled and we just hate that.

We love our eggs over-easy. However, we have never been good egg flippers-they always break. Now, we put a cover over the skillet with our eggs up. Look at these covered eggs every 30-seconds. The eggs will glaze over and have a perfect over-easy look. But keep a watchful eye, in seconds the eggs can go from over easy to over hard!

We have taken to using flour tortillas instead of toast with our breakfast. Flour tortillas are so easy to prepare, and taste wonderful. After our eggs and breakfast meat are in the dish ready for eating, we put the tortilla into the pan on high heat. It only takes less than a minute to warm a tortilla. Wonderful taste and easy to mop up the egg yoke!

We will come back later to talk about Ms. Tioga's Great Omelettes!

Bye for now,
Ms. Tioga


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