Salmon Secrets!




Hi Everybody!

Salmon is so Wonderful to eat, because of the terrific flavor!

We like to buy a nice large piece of Salmon. We cut them up in meal size chunks, wrap in Glad Wrap, and freeze them right away. That way we get the best buy, and do not have to worry about the Salmon going bad on us.

We like to fry our Salmon. We bread it first, in a plastic bag with flour that is seasoned with garlic salt and regular salt. We fry the breaded salmon in a pan with enough oil so that the salmon fries evenly. Not too much oil is necessary.

We serve The Salmon with a butter dipping sauce which is nothing more than melted butter. If we use sweet butter, we put a little bit of salt in this dip.

I like to see that the Salmon is done to a nice golden brown. I test for doneness with my finger. If the Salmon is soft (Not Firm) when it is pressed with a finger, then I continue to grill it. If the Salmon is very thick, I always cut into it to check for doneness!

Bye for now,
Ms. Tioga


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