DataStorm Space Station Uplink System

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DataStorm - On The Internet Anywhere

DataStorm Satellite Internet System is the best thing that we installed in MsTioga! DataStorm keeps us connected to the Internet, anywhere that we travel. DataStorm has given us so much enjoyment!

DataStorm puts us on-the-net in deep forests and on high mountains. At riverside camps far, far away from any cellphone connection, we publish "The Adventures of Tioga and George" and answer our email.

DataStorm even gets TV for us thru its antenna! We subscribe to DirecTV service which works great!

George and DataStorm antenna on MsTioga's roof.

How could we miss the Internet, the greatest communication revolution in history, just because we are fulltime RVers who boondock often in remote and wild places?

The DataStorm D2 Controller is a one button device. No computer resident software required, although monitoring software is installed in order to see what is going on and provide manual control when necessary.

Linksys Router [top], Motosat's D2 controller [bottom], HughesNet 7000 modem [right].

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Even when you are camping in the forest, with the use of a compass it is relatively easy to position the DataStorm antenna properly to be able to "look" thru the trees. We usually look for sunny campsites, because these have fewer obstructions between the DataStorm and the satellite. When you click on the "Find Satellite" button on your computer screen, the antenna goes up from its stowed position and automatically finds the satellite. When stowed, DataStorm is only 10" high.

The DataStorm D2 Controller is simple to use. Just press the Search button, the antenna goes up, finds that satellite and is online ready for surfing the web! Sometimes when weather or technical related problems occur, it may be necessary to receive technical support, which is available by phone 24/7. Quality technical assistance may also be found online by accessing the DataStorm Users Forum (see reference link below). We have found that after awhile, it is rarely necessary to ask for technical support because we do all of our support ourselves.

Installation of the DataStorm Satellite Internet System costs about $5,000 and the monthly internet cost is $99. Well worth the cost especially if you want to be internet connected in remote places.


Datastorm Users Group
Fantastic source of information and support! Many very experienced and talented persons give help to Datastorm owners and those seeking info about internet satellite communication.

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