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Dear RV Friends:

If "Nite Camping" is a skill to be developed, certainly "Day Camping" is an Art. You have that Art inside you, or you do not! For those of you RVers who have it, let's talk, OK?

There is no difference between living in a fixed stick home and an RV. Except for maybe one tiny thing. Wheels! And what a wonderful thing those Wheels! are too. They transport your home as if by magic to special places. The only thing is, that you must have the right attitude, that Art!, in order to appreciate, or maybe, just in order to perceive the magic.

December 28, 2003

Special Places!:
What makes a special place a "Special Place"? An ordinary park, a quiet street with a landscaped hill outside your window. A parking place on a bluff overlooking the Pacific. A place where a creek flows by. It may be anyplace, everyplace. A special place is where you feel comfortable.

Special Days!:
What makes a special day, a "Special Day"? For me, a special day is one where I may visit a place and the crowds are gone. It is peaceful. The parking is easy. That is a Special Day for me. I find that Special Days are easier to find during the week, than on the weekend. So, on the weekend, I tend to take it even more easy than I do during the week.

On The Go!:
Do you feel that, deep in your heart is a need to be "On The Go" most of the time? Listen to yourself. Feel the place where you are at. Don't think about it, feel it. Is it a quiet place this morning and a lot of traffic going by in the afternoon? Move! You've got Wheels!

I find that I am most happy, when I travel short distances during the day. When I am not sticking in one spot for awhile, I like to be "On The Road" around 11AM and find a camping place during the early afternoon, by at least 3PM. Why push it? We are fulltimers, right? If we do not get there today, we will get there tomorrow. Everywhere we are, it is home anyway!

Puttering Around The House!:
Since there is no difference betweeen a stick home and an RV, except Wheels!, then puttering around the house should be going on all the time, right? One thing though, puttering in an RV has got to be 1000x better than in a stick house. Why? Because you get to putter in such special places. Putter in a lovely park, or beside the Pacific Ocean. If I am going to putter around during the day, I like to get to a lovely puttering place very early, especially if it is a popular place. I stake out my spot, maybe around 6AM. Why not? If I get up early and then am sleepy during the afternoon, I stop puttering and take a nap! I am entitled, right?



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