Eternabond Miracle RV Roof Repair Tape

Eternabond RV Leak Repairs

RV Leaks Stopped Instantly with Eternabond

Eternabond stops RV leaks instantly the moment Eternabond makes contact with the repair area. Eternabond grabs all types of surfaces including rubber, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. Eternabond is perfect for Recreational Vehicles Roofs.

Eternabond installation is as quick and easy as using a piece of tape! Eternabond does not ooze or streak and can be installed to a clean, dry surface down to -20 degrees F, yielding professional results for anyone. There is nothing like Eternabond available anywhere.

Before Eternabond.
Rubber is in terrible condition.

One Step Miracle RV Roof Tape

When you order Eternabond, be sure to buy Eternabond One Step Miracle RV Tape. I used to recommend buying Eternabond directly from the Eternabond Company. However, I found out that Eternabond dealers sell the exact same "One Step Miracle RV Roof Tape"for much less money! In fact, about half as much money!

For most roof repairs, the 4" x 50 foot roll is the size to buy. When you are buying from an Eternabond dealer [recommended], you may have to read thru all of the various Eternabond products, in order to find "One Step Miracle RV Roof Tape". Take the time to find the right tape, OK?

Eternabond dealer Best Materials [aka Copperstate Roofing Supply] has renamed Miracle One Step. Best Materials now calls this tape:
RSW-4-50 Roofseal White 4" x 50' roll

The pictures tell the story. Before Eternabond, the rubber roof in the corner of this RV is in terrible condition. Eternabond was applied beneath the molding onto the fiberglass wall and is folded over on the roof to make a complete seal between the roof and the wall. Notice how you cannot see the Eternabond on the wall in the "After Eternbond" picture? Eternabond is concealed underneath the molding.

Applying Eternabond.

After Eternabond! What a difference!!

When Eternabond touches the surface to be applied, a permanent bond is created. There is a liner that allows you to position the Eternabond perfectly before this bond is made. When the Eternabond is in this perfect position, you simply pull the liner out and the Eternabond is in place forever. A perfect seal! No more leaks! No more yearly maintenance with uncaulking and recaulking!

Replace all of the screws that secure your molding to your RV with new stainless screws. Often the screws supplied by the factory, are only zinc plated and rust out easily.