Health, foods, diet, exercise and all that stuff.




What changed?

I used to worry about my health, go to doctors, get medical checkups, try to eat right. Now I don't think about that stuff anymore. Don't worry about that anymore. What the heck happened?

When my Mom and Uncle Joe got to a place in their lives when they could not manage on their own, I got the remarkable gift of taking care of each of them. Mom and Uncle Joe could manage physically; it was dementia that got in their way. Over time, watching these two people that I loved so much changed my perspective. It seemed to me that I would not like to live with dementia.

Cancer comes to call.

When I got sick and my doctor told me that it was cancer, I was very, very scared. As I drove myself back home from that doctor's office, tears were flowing. How could I tell my family that I was dying? At that time, I was sure that I was a dead man.

The cancer support group that I attended every Wednesday, changed my life forever. I watched fellow group members struggle. Some died. But all clung to their lives, doing everything possible to keep the cancer from killing them.

A new perspective.

One day during a cancer group meeting, things began to get clear for me. My thinking changed, from worrying about cancer killing me, to thinking about what I would do when I got cured. I promised myself that when I got my health back, that I would not sit around watching my life go by anymore. I would rush at life, cherish every single day.

Plans and dreams began forming in my mind. What would I do? How would I live? About that time I began to shop for an RV. By the time February, 2003 rolled around, I had found the perfect RV for myself at a dealer not too far from home.

Doctor's plans vs. my destiny.

On February 25, 2003, I met with my doctor who told me that my cancer was in remission. He had a schedule worked out for me. For 2½ years I would have quarterly checkups. For the following 2½ years, I would have six month checkups.

My doctor was somewhat taken aback when I let him know that I was not going to be around anymore for checkups. And that I was going out that very afternoon, and buy an RV to be my home. I told my doctor that I'd be 1000s of miles away. Impossible to return for any medical appointments.

Living and dying.

Before cancer, I had been so very scared about death and dying. Now with cancer behind me, no longer was I concerned about dying. Now, I was passionately concerned with living every single day. Every single minute.

Also, no longer was I concerned with living as long as possible. In fact, I knew that I did not want to live so long, that my chances for dementia like diseases were greatly increased.

Doctors, medical checkups, eating healthy foods.

Just about this time, it began getting clear, how dangerous it was for me to go to doctors, get medical checkups, and eat healthy foods. All of these things that are considered essential by most people, might insure that I live to an old age. However, I was no longer concerned with living to an old age.

My concern at this time, was being able to live the life of my dreams right now. Something was going to kill me. And I wanted that something to be anything but dementia, Alzheimer's or something like that.

I began to eat all the foods that I liked. Cookies, candies, bacon, sausage, eggs, hamburgers, steaks. I put salt on things. I love the taste of salt.

Staying in shape.

I had to stay in physical shape. Every morning I made exercise part of my routine. My exercise program takes less than one hour each day. The longest part of this program is walking about a couple miles. I love to walk in the fresh air. Does not matter if it is windy, raining, sunny or cold; I am out there walking. I hate heat and humidity though.

Inside MsTioga, I have some dumb bells that I use for exercise. One is 5 pounds and the other is 20 pounds. I do wrist exercises with the smaller one, which keeps me from getting aches around the wrists and forearms. Some people call this carpel syndrome. I call it lack of exercise syndrome. I used to have problems with forearm aches, but no more.

With the larger weight, I do bicep curls, military press, tricep exercise. All the other muscles in my arms. All of my weight exercises take up about five minutes each day. When I slack off of this tiny exercise program, I have aches and pains, so I do not slack off.

My exercise program also includes a few sit-ups, deep knee bends, and a back exercise where I lie on my bed face down, and lift my head and legs. This back exercise keeps me from having back aches.


It takes courage for me to adhere to this health program which has as its base, not going to doctors. Not having routine medical checkups. Something may be going on inside my body right now, and that thing might kill me. I do not want to know. Knowing, is bad for my health and happiness.

If I could look into a crystal ball, and see into the future and know for sure what will kill me, I would not want to know. Wow! That would be a terrible thing to know.

Live in The Now.

My goal is to live in the now. Not dreaming about the future, nor living in the past. Does not mean that I stop thinking about my past and future. Just that I do not project myself there.

It is extremely important to understand the subtle difference. Projecting yourself into the future or past means that you may regret what happened or fear what may occur. I never do that. I am always in the now. It is my opinion that living outside of now is a source of anxiety and fear.

What happens when something goes wrong?

You may be wondering what I will do when something goes wrong. When I have symptoms of heart failure, stroke, broken bones, urinary, toothache; stuff like that. Will I go to a doctor then?

You bet! I will go to a doctor. However, I may choose a treatment of doing nothing. My doctor may advise that doing nothing might result in my death. Well, you already know how I feel about that, right?


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