RV Leveling Jacks!

Levelers are a must for an RVer camping in the wilds!

Electric Scissors Leveling Jacks for RVs

RV leveling jacks are essential for the full timer. You do not want to be using wood blocks in the rain to level out your recreational vehicle. Besides your fridge hating you if you are not leveled out, it is pretty weird trying to walk in a lopsided RV. Pancakes turn into hillcakes. Pencils roll off desks. Your blood might rush to your head in bed! Not good.

When we first began fulltiming, we tried leveling out using wood blocks under the tires. This might be OK for somebody who RVs only a few weeks a year. Leveling out everyday, sometimes two or three times a day, became a real pain. When the weather was rainly or cold, it was really trying to level out MsTioga. Our electric RV leveling jacks from PowerPlus, are true RV leveling jacks. These jacks are capable of lifting the front wheels of MsTioga off the ground. They should not be confused with stabilizing jacks, which are used to keep an RV from rocking.

Rear levelers.

We on the TiogaRV Team only have experience with RV electric scissors jacks. These were the only jacks that would fit on MsTioga. Our RV leveling jacks are manufactured by PowerPlus Levelers (see link below). These levelers have done a good job for us, however we had to modify them quite a bit in order to use them in the wilds.

PowerPlus Levelers


If we were buying levelers today, we would very likely buy the Big Foot Leveler system. We have only read about Big Foot, but they certainly appear to be well designed.
Big Foot Leveling Systems.