Do we have to be Alone and Lonely when we fulltime?




RVers who begin to fulltime, have to face the dilemma of being Lonely and Alone.

For most RVers who go fulltime, being lonely and alone may be very big obstacles. It is so easy to become isolated in your RV.

Who are lonely people? What makes them lonely?
Why are some people who are alone, not lonely?

When I went fulltime, I knew that I wanted very much to remain connected with family and friends! This was so important to me, that I was determined to spend whatever it took to remain connected. Being connected to friends and family meant, that although I was alone, I would not be lonely.

How did I do that! How can you do that? The answer is, that we stay connected via the Internet! Yes, it is possible today, to have 24/7 Internet access almost anywhere we go. We do not have to be lonely, because we are always connected to family and friends!

We can have that internet access from a satellite right into our own RV!

MotoSat Corporation manufactures The DataStorm satellite internet system which mounts to the roof of your RV. It is a dish antenna, that automatically finds that satellite in the sky, and brings the internet and TV right into your RV! It is like magic!

Below is a link to the MotoSat Corporation, who is also my internet service provider.
Click on that link, and take a look around, OK?

MotoSat DataStorm Link

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