RV Catalytic Heater for Little Money!

A Tiny Fireplace Of Warmth Sits By Your Side

Catalytic heater - best way to heat your RV!

Our catalytic heater with its portable hookup sits next to George like a tiny fireplace.

Stored in our shower stall, the "Wave 6" is out of the way, and safe on very stable legs.

A catalytic heater is the best way to warm your RV. Using the forced air furnace that came with your RV is fine for a full hookup campground. What about when you are in the forest and it is soooooo cold? What then?

U.S. Catalytic Olympian makes catalytic heaters that are perfect for heating your RV. We have installed our "Wave 6" model catalytic heater as a portable unit, which has proved to be the very best way to heat an RV.

Our Olympian, U.S. Catalytic "Wave 6" includes a portable heater hookup kit with quick disconnect valve, propane hose, and legs. Being portable allows our catalytic heater to sit like a tiny fireplace, where we are sitting in the RV. When not in use, the heater is easily stored away because the hose disconnects from the RV propane system.

Maintaining your Olympian catalytic heater.

There are four things that we do to keep our Olympian Catalytic heater working well and prolong the life of the catalyst pad:

1. When not in use, keep heater covered to avoid poisoning the catalyst pad with dirt and dust.
2. Never try to clean the catalyst pad. Never touch the catalyst pad. Leave the catalyst pad alone to avoid destroying the active catalytic platinum surface.
3. If the Piezo electric igniter fails to light, carefully clean the igniter and the gas orifice with a dampened (not wet) cotton swab. Becareful to avoid touching the catalyst pad.
4. Allow the heater to operate on HIGH for 10 minutes to assure even heating of the catalyst pad before setting to low or medium.
5. IMPORTANT! If you smell propane while your catalytic heater is burning, do not use your heater. The pad is likely poisoned. Send your heater to U.S. Catalytic Corporation for a new pad.

Buying suggestion for your Catalytic Heater.
We bought our heater from RV Solar Electric, and suggest that you do the same. RV Solar provides a portable kit which includes instructions and all of the plumbing and parts that you will need for your heater installation.

We strongly recommend a portable installation for your heater.
RV Solar Electric.

I have been using my U.S. Olympian "Wave 6" catalytic heater since 2003 with absolutely no safety problems. However, if you have any concerns about using an unvented heater in your RV, do not do it.

Catalytic heater manual:
Click [here] to view the manual for the Olympian Catalytic Heater.
Note: The text of this manual is un-maintained and may not be current.