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Increasing the pad size.

RV electric jack mounting information

My RV electric leveling jacks are scissors type. They are electric motor driven. These PowerPlus levelers are good units, except part of their design is greatly "under" engineered, in my opinion.

Also, the installation instructions do not cover the topics that I address below. These are very important topics, to be sure. If you do NOT understand them, please email me in order for us to talk about them, OK?

Below are my recommendations for these levelers:

1. The original pads are 6" x 8" in dimension. These pads are greatly under engineered. The factory mounted pads permit these jacks to bury into sand and gravel. Also, the lack of support by these small pads may cause the jack to lean. Severe jack damage may result.

Have 3/8" thick x 10" x 14" steel pads welded to the original 6" x 8". The 14" dimension should be welded on the 8" way. The surface area in the altered pads should give enough support to prevent the jack from burying itself in most any surface.

2. The leveler mechanism forms a "diamond" when it is lowered. This diamond should be mounted to run perpendicular to the length of your coach. If the position of your leveled coach is going to shift, it is more likely to shift right or left, not front or back. Having the diamond running the side-to-side way, will tend to prevent this shifting.

3. The chassis rails of your coach are channels. The bottom channel lip is not strong enough to prevent bending up if ever you try to level your RV in a steep area. Once this chassis channel is bent, the leveler will be suspended at an angle and will not operate correctly or safely.

Possible solution for #3:

Note: I did not use this possible solution, because there were too many obstructions between the chassis rails in the area of my leveler installation.

Proper mounting of the levelers should prevent bending of the chassis channel. A mounting plate with four bolt holes should be welded to the chassis channel. A 1/2 steel plate bridge connecting the right and left chassis channels will act as a support between the two channels, and serve as the mounting plate for the levelers. Shim plates may need to be installed between this bridge and the mounting plate, in order to provide a clear space for the bridge plate. Four bolts will secure the levelers and bridge plate to the mounting plate.

Front PowerPlus Levelers

Rear Levelers

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