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Would you like to publish your own website?

A Blog is the easiest way to having your own webpage!

Web publishing is so easy! Do you want to start your own Weblog (blog for short)? Click on the Blogger Link below, and it will take you to the place to begin your own blog.

Start Your Own Blog

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Perhaps you are thinking that you do not want to use Blogger, but would like to have your own website? There is software for sale that will allow you to create your own website. I use only a text editor and type in the HTML code. This HTML code is not very hard to learn!

There are websites that will teach you how to learn to make your own website using HTML code. Would you like to check one of the websites out? Hmmmmm?

Writing HTML Tutorial Link

If you write your own HTML code, you will have to use a webhost to publish what you have written. I use a webhost named “1&1”. I have used several webhosts, and have found 1&1 to be very good, and they have phone support which I feel is absolutely necessary. 1&1 will sell you a Domain Name that you select. A benefit when you have your own domain name, is that you will have your own personal and permanent email address. 1&1 has website publishing software that comes for free when you buy one of their web hosting plans.

Here is the link to 1&1:
If you sign up with 1&1 thru this link, we will get a small commission for the sale!

Click here to get your website!

Definitions used in publishing.

When you are beginning to create webpages, many of the terms used in publishing will be confusing. Here are some definitions that may help.

  • Blog: A webpage that is a journal. No different than any other webpage, except that it is written as a diary.

  • Web site: The address or place where your web page is located. This is similar to an address for your regular mail.

  • Web host: A company that offers services to store your web pages. They store your web pages on computers called servers.

  • Domain Name: A name which you create yourself. You purchase the rights to use that name, which becomes your address on the web. My domain name is:

  • Blogger: A company that offers services to publish your blog using their online software.

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