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Fresh water spigots or faucets in National Park & National Forest Campgrounds, mostly have no hose bibbs. These fresh water spigots have small diameter spouts with no thread for our hose. There was no way to attach our water hose to these faucets. In this pic we show a hose end with a hose clamp on the end.

Our simple adapter in the picture slips on the faucet spout. We tighten the hose clamp securing the adapter to the faucet spout. Then attach our water hose to this inexpensive adapter and fill our fresh water tank!
Simple adapter to get water from faucets with no hose bibb.

Holding a TV in place on a shelf is hard to do in an RV! Industrial strength Velcro does the job. We recommend that this tip be used only when the wall in back of the TV faces the rear of your RV. Velcro holds light weight picture frames on our RV walls with no problem. Three small planters sit on our dining table with nothing more holding them in place than Velcro. Industrial strength Velcro holds TV in place!

Sometimes we brush up against a tree branch, and get a minor scratch in our fiberglass. #0000 steel wool really helps to get out fiberglass blemishes and will make the fiberglass shiny! We use this steel wool to clean up caulking too. Works great on painted surfaces.

Be sure to test the steel wool in a small section of fiberglass to see how it works for you!
#0000 steel wool being used to remove blemish from fiberglass

Convert your shower to a shower and closet!
What better place to keep a ladder than inside your RV closet! But what if you do not have a closet? We converted our shower into a closet by merely adding a closet rod near the ceiling of our shower.

Here you see our little "A" frame ladder tucked neatly away with our hanging clothes. The ladder is out of the way, and kept from being thrown around during driving by hanging clothes. We put an old T-shirt over the top of our ladder, to keep the ladder edges from harming adjacent clothes. Up to a 6-foot ladder may be kept in our shower/closet.

It only takes a minute or so, to remove all of the clothes, lay them on our bed, thus converting our closet back into a shower!

Our ladder neatly stored in our closet!

Use almost any size plastic
bag with your wastebasket.

We have found that most grocery plastic bags fit our wastebasket. However, many bags do not fit tight enough, and fall down inside the wastebasket.

We keep the plastic bag tight, by putting a piece of masking tape to hold the handle down to the wastebasket. Moving the handle up or down then sticking the tape at just the right place.

Masking tape keeps bag in place.

Stop losing the WD-40 spray tube!
Using a piece of masking tape to hold the little red spray tube in place on your WD-40 can works great!

Masking tape holds red tube.

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