The TiogaRV Team Shares Their Secrets!

Tips to make your RV life better!

We used to throw away the BBQ starters when they ran out of fuel. Then one day, we started a burner when the fuel was nearly exhausted. What a surprise.

Since that day, almost a year ago, we have not bought another BBQ starter. The little flint sparker in the front of the starter's gas tube is enough to start a stove burner or oven pilot!
Use exhausted BBQ starter to light stove.

For many years, we only used teflon skillets. These teflon skillets did not last too long. Maybe six months. Then, one of our readers touted us on to cast iron skillets.

Once broken in, a cast iron skillet does not stick. Cleans up easily. Pop a cast iron in the oven to make meat loaf. And, cast iron skillets last forever!

Cast iron skillet lasts a lifetime!

When living in a stick house, there always was an open trash basket underneath the kitchen sink. When I moved into MsTioga fulltime, it seemed natural to have an open trash basket under the sink too.

Then, one day in Mexico roaches attacked! Yuck! I came up with the idea of using small plastic shopping bags for trash and garbage. When the bag opening is twisted, the roaches cannot enter.
Twisted bag prevents insects entering.

The TiogaRV Team only uses our hot water heater to take showers. Unless we are about to take a shower, the hot water heater is left off.

We found that it only takes about eight minutes for the water heater to get to our perfect temperature. At that temp, only the shower's hot water faucet is used. Don't have to adjust anything. And, we do not waste our propane overheating the water!
Our iPod times the heater!