RV Solar Electric System

Electric Independence from the Sun!

Say goodbye to RV electric hookups!

Our computer system can be left on all day long, even in the winter, without using our generator. Free solar electric power in your RV home, is a wonderful thing! [Note]

Solar electricity is the one addition that will lead to fantastic independence for the RVer who wants to boondock. Few campers want to be forced to use their generator a great deal, when camping in the wilds.

Our RV's solar electric system uses six Shell SP75 solar panels. These panels deliver a maximum of 25 amps of electricity during the summer months. The RV solar electric power from our solar panels is stored in six Crown 6 volt deep cycle batteries.

Six Roof mounted Shell 75 watt Solar Panels.

Generator and your battery bank.

It is important to understand how an onboard generator contributes to a solar electric system. During times when the Sun is low in the sky, as in the winter, we must use our generator in addition to our solar electricity. The generator is required during the winter, because without this additional power, the battery would not be brought to full charge status. Our battery bank must be brought to full charge at least once daily, for maximum battery life.

In addition, having our large battery bank allows the generator to store its power. Our Honda generator when charging our solar battery bank, stores enough electricity in only one hour, for over two hours of our average electrical consumption.

Our Deep Cycle Golf Car
Battery Bank

Solar Battery Charger

The electric power from our solar panels goes to the "Solar Boost 50", a Maximum Power Point Tracking charger. This charger is manufactured by "Blue Sky Energy, Inc." and includes a manual equalizer mode.

RV Solar Electric

I ordered our solar electric system, including panels, charge controller and inverter from from RV Solar Electric. RV Solar Electric has a product they call, "Noel's Package" which is what I ordered for my solar electric system. I liked RV Solar Electric, because I needed their after sale phone support several times while I self installed my solar electric system. Their phone support was excellent.


Our solar electric system includes two Xantrex inverters. One is a 2000 watt inverter/charger and is used to receive shore power when available. The second inverter is 1000 watt and powers all of our 120 volt AC equipment. This 1000 watt inverter is a completely separate electric system and not affected by variations in shore power, brown or black-outs and surges.

RV control panel which is built into the rear wall of our computer workstation.

Tilting solar panels.

During the winter time when the sun is low in the sky, a large increase in electric power may be obtained by tilting solar panels. Position your RV so that the tilted panels are perpendicular to the sun at noon.


On cloudy days when there is little Sun, our generator must be used to maintain a proper electric charge in the solar battery bank.