Accurate Tank Level Monitors

Garnet Industries - SeeLevel II

Catcon Products - MicroPulse Level Sensor

MsTioga Magazine published info on the above two products, in order to consolidate on one page, a summary about these tank level monitors. We do NOT own any of these products at this time.

Garnet Technologies

SeeLevel II

When we were at the FMCA show, we saw this terrific looking tank level monitor. The thing that struck us, is the placement of the sensing, which is outside the tank! This means that waste cannot foul the senders!

To achieve ease of installation, Garnet Technologies designed the tank senders to be cut to length. We thought that this approach was so terrific because any tank height could be easily adapted to their system.

Model 709PH with three senders sells for $235. See link below to go to Garnet Technologies' web site.

Garnet Technologies Inc.

SeeLevel II Tank Monitor, Model 709PH.

Catcon Products

MicroPulse Level Sensor

The new MicroPulse system completely does away with the failed probes, floats, and strips that all other tank monitoring systems rely on.
Instead, MicroPulse makes use of modern technology to measure tank levels that cannot be affected by tank wall material, tank content, contamination, corrosion, or clogging. In addition, the MicroPulse System Monitor is microprocessor based, providing a degree of accuracy and "friendliness" not possible with older designs.

MicroPulse Monitor.

Electronic level sensor.

The MicroPulse Level Sensor is a no maintenance part. The sensor will operate equally well whether the tank is polyethylene, aluminum, steel, or any other material. A single sensor is installed on the side wall of each tank, near the bottom, via a 3/4" female NPT spin-in thread (an alternative location is anywhere in the plumbing that is lower than the tank and before the clean out valve).

The sensor is solid state, there are no moving parts to wear or maintain. Because the principle of operation does not involve any electrical current flow through the tanks contents (conducted or induced), the nature of the fluid in the tank is unimportant. The bottom line is a very simple, low cost installation that will provide years of trouble free operation.

Catcon Products Inc.


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