My Values




Definition of Values:

A statement of principle which is the basis for my moral decision making. The equivalent of locations; where I want to be in the moral places of my life.

[Created: Sept. 2003]


To provide me with a moral road map to guide me thru life. My values will be so deeply engrained in my mind that decisions will be automatic.

Without written and clearly defined values, each time a moral decision is to be made there will be no guide. I would be going thru my life without direction.

[Created: Dec. 2006]

Examples of moral decisions:

1. I find a wallet on the sidewalk.
2. An attractive woman at work begins to flirt with me. I am a married man.
3. My child needs help with homework. I am preparing an important report for work which must be completed by morning.
4. I am playing golf and my ball rolls behind a large rock. Nobody is looking.
5. The commute train for work approaches the station where I am waiting. Some in the line that I am in take cuts toward the door.
6. I am a bit overweight. My manager brings in donuts every morning for the crew.
7. I have just finished gardening and am really tired. The tools that I have used are scattered about the yard.
8. A homeless guy is asking for help as I leave the grocery.
9. I am only ten minutes from home on my daily driving commute. I feel very sleepy.

[Created: Dec. 2006]


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