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1993 - Searching for some reason in my life.

The year of 1993 was a dark time for me. My eight year relationship with Irene had broken up. I moved to my "Little Cabin In The Woods" in the Sierra Madres, a mountain range in the eastern side of California. Everything had come apart. In 1985, my marriage with Evie ended in divorce after twenty one years. By 1989, my restaurant business was gone. And now in 1993, I had broken up with Irene. I was groping for clues. Something!

Before I was born, my parents bought a home in Los Angeles. With that home came a desk, and in the bookcase above that desk were a set of books called, "Little Masterpieces." One of these books was about Benjamin Franklin. Somehow, through all of my life's upheavals, moves and travels, this book about Franklin has stuck with me like glue.

Do you believe that our destiny is written in advance of our even being born? Hmmmmm? Franklin wrote in his autobiography what he called, "Rules of Conduct." I used what Franklin wrote as my model for my own values. Would I have found my values if I had not kept this tiny book all of my life? Maybe so. But I think not. Destiny. What a mysterious thing is destiny.

About reading values and goals once every Sunday:

It is incredible, that the simple act of reading my values and the goals for achieving my values every Sunday, over time has so engrained them into my mind. My values and goals have become me. Very powerful.

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