Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

The view of the Lower Falls from Artist Point is Spectacular!

Better than Old Faithful?!

A trip to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming means that you will see Yellowstone's most famous attraction, "Old Faithful" geyser.

In my opinion, Artist Point beats Old Faithful to bits!

George looking at the absolutely magnificent multicolored canyon with the falls at Artist Point.

The view of Lower Yellowstone Falls from Artist Point is not so famous as "Old Faithful." However the view is spectacular, beyond words! The Lower Falls in "The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone" is overwhelming. It is impossible to capture the vast beauty here with our camera. It is also impossible to forget this very special place!

Artist Point is so easy to miss . Only one tiny sign caught my attention. Curious, I took the road that led to this fabulous view. I will never ever forget. And, I hope to revisit Artist Point many times.

"Old Faithful" Geyser!

"Old Faithful" is a world famous spout of water and steam that goes off with predictable accuracy.

Old Faithful will likely remain the main attraction at Yellowstone National Park. It is exciting to begin to wait for the next predicted eruption. I found myself hoping for Old Faithful to blow water a few hundred feet into the air!

Would you like to see Old Faithful today?

Here is a Live Video Cam of Old Faithful! Take a peek, OK?

"Old Faithful" erupted about 30 feet when I was there in June, 2004.

Note about Yellowstone Campgrounds:

During June, 2004, we found that sites in park campgrounds could fairly easily be found during morning hours. Campers leave the campgrounds in the morning. As the afternoons get later, campgrounds fill up. We do not know about campground availabilty during the peek summer months of July and August.

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